#WEAREENTERTAINMENT THE ART OF TITLES CREATIVE SERVICES SEE MORE Opening Sequence is a mood setter; this is our mindset at New Black. We take good care of openings by providing a range of art direction and animation styles, including Film Making, Footage Utilization, GFX, Motion Graphics, and more. KEY ARTWORK CREATIVE SERVICES SEE MORE Key artwork for poster design goes through multiple stages, from mood boards and sketches to photography, retouching, to design. Each stage passes through several refinements and revisions till we reach final results. ARABIC TYPOGRAPHY CREATIVE SERVICES SEE MORE Arabic typography is beautiful yet, complex. Therefore, we work closely with a network of Arabic typography artists across the region to get the perfect result that works for various mediums and devices. We go through different options and some trials and reading tests till we reach satisfying results. COLOR GRADING POST PRODUCTION SEE MORE We work with the best talents in the market to provide state-of-the-art color grading services for every title. Our color grading suite meets the highest technical standards in the region. EDITING POST PRODUCTION SEE MORE With more than six edit suites, with premium finishing and high-end technology, our post-production facilities provide the ultimate workspace for editors. We became the favourite destination for the most talented editors in the region TV COMMERCIALS POST PRODUCTION SEE MORE Our persistence to collaborate with production companies is not solely dependent on TV and Cinema. We work with production companies and creatives to deliver TV commercials and music videos. MUSIC VIDEOS POST PRODUCTION SEE MORE Our work included international and regional brands, as well as music videos for famous singers.